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Biodynamic Farm

             This is our newest area of interest and development. While we are not certified in either biodynamic or organic farming, we are using both methods for production of food and medicinal plants. Biodynamic farming was developed by Rudolf Steiner in the early 1900's. It is a specialized type of organic farming that uses specially made "Preparations" (a homeopath sees them as homeopathic remedies) to increase plant and soil vitality. Farm activities are scheduled not only by the phase of the Moon but by other heavenly bodies as well (planets and constellations) as they influence various elements of plant grow and metabolism. The end result will be food and medicinal products of higher quality and vitality. 

       Our early efforts in this field involve the growing of garlic (5 varieties) from very hot and strong flavored to mild. Garlic, of course, is both medicinal and culinary. Wonderful for us humans, it can also be safely used in dogs but best to avoid in cats.

       This year's garlic will be ready for sale in mid to late August.

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